What I Do On The Bad Days

What I Do On The Bad Days

Sometimes it’s hard to even get out of bed on the bad days. I know there have been moments in my life where I’ve been too scared to even leave my bed for a shower. Them times when you really have to build up the confidence to leave the duvet and go to the toilet? I know them days and they’re the hardest.

Although, I have found one thing that helps me get through the hard days. I tell myself over and over…

Just do one thing that makes you happy

Sounds terribly vague but that’s the point. Everyone has different things that make them happy. Whether that one thing is going for a walk, listening to some music, sitting outside in the sun or even just getting up and brushing your teeth. Some days are really fucking difficult, but as long as you do one thing that you want to do then it makes the bad days a little less painful.

Yesterday, I woke up and instantly knew it was a bad day. I got up, said goodbye to Charlie and went straight back to bed. Them few extra hours helped but I still knew it would be a difficult day. As I laid in bed, trying to make myself get up for a wee, I told myself that I would do one thing. That one thing happened to be sitting in the garden (we don’t get much sun in Yorkshire but it was bloody warm). I took a book and my grandma (who was spending the day with me) and we both sat outside all day. I’ll admit it, I read 4 pages of that book but I was still outside. I was dressed, I had brushed my teeth and I was eating. Towards the afternoon I was even a little bit inspired and set up this blog!

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a bad day. I was still having all the thoughts I shouldn’t. I was still distracted and lost in my head but at least I had got up.

That day was an achievement for me, and I know for a lot of you just getting up is a big achievement to. It’s something to be proud of because despite everything we are feeling, we still get up and find a little bit of happiness in the world.

I’m not suggesting that finding one thing to do a day will solve everything, but if it helps make a bad day easier then its worth doing. Please feel free to share what makes your bad days easier by sending in your stories to walkwithjess@gmail.com and you can always talk to me on twitter @walkwith_jess 🙂



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  1. Thank you for voicing how many of us suffering with depression feel!!!!!! You’re right, by taking things just one day at a time can help make the hugeness of coping easier!!!!!

  2. Hey Jess,

    I know these feelings well. I also spend a lot of time in the garden when I am struggling to do anything else. I also live in Yorkshire; we need to take full advantage of any sun we get! Would be great to speak to you some more. Maybe we can help push each other through the tough times.

  3. I love posts like these because they help so many people out there who are struggling. Doing the one thing that makes me happy is so helpful on bad days!

    Lots of love, Maria xox

  4. I am really struggling this week, luckily I have a week off, but feel so bad as I’ve done nothing, just slept. So, finding this blog has been great, as I can just dip in and out. Not sure what makes me happy at the minute, but I will have a quick think.

  5. I love how honest this is. I also suffer from depression and I know the feeling where it takes everything to even get out of bed. And you’re right, something as simple as doing one thing you enjoy can make a little difference. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the honesty in this post! I love the point of doing just one thing that makes yourself happy. It important not to overwhelm yourself with doing too much on the bad days, so just making sure to do one thing is a really good piece of advice! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

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