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There are only a couple of products I use everyday to help with depression (Bach’s rescue remedy and lavender oil) but they are the most amazing products ever. I’m talking about little things you can carry around all day in case you get into a panic. These two products are only small and light, they can both probably fit in one pocket so there’s no hassle of routing through a bag.

Rescue Remedy Dropper 20ml

I Rescue Remedy Dropper 20ml. A family friend introduced me to the rescue remedy 20ml dropper and I fell in love with it instantly. I use it all the time. The comfort and reassure rescue remedy is the one that I use. The ingredients are Grape Alcohol (approx 27% v/v), Flower Extracts of: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. The alcohol content is very, very small but if you are on medication that doesn’t allow alcohol please check with your doctor first!

Rescue remedy is all natural and you can either have it in a drink or put four drops on your tongue whenever you need to. It takes a little while to kick in at first but I would recommend it to anyone. However, you do have to be 16 to buy it so if you aren’t see if an adult will buy it for you. Bach Rescue Remedy have lots more products that you can check out. I haven’t tried any of the others yet but I do intend to!

Rescue Remedy is both suitable  for vegans and vegetarians. It can be bought from most health shops and Amazon. If you would like to try rescue remedy, the cheapest I have found it is on amazon. You can use my link, it won’t cost you any more but it will help me raise a little bit of money for my blog!

Tisserand 10 ml Lavender Essential Oil Roller Ball

This is another product that the previously mentioned family friend recommended. I have always used lavender oil to help me sleep on a night, I love the smell and find it calming. With the roller ball you can roll it onto your temples or your wrist or anywhere else you need to. I find lavender such a calming smell. If I’m feeling a little be worked up I put it on my wrists and temple and take a minute to sit and smell it. I find it brings me back to reality.


Tisserand do a lot of different roller ball essential oils. There’s ones for de-stressing, sweet dreams and many more. I haven’t tried any of the rest but I defiantly intend to as I have found the lavender oil one amazing. Also, its vegan! Tisserand lavender essential oil can also be bought from most health shops Amazon.

I hope you get the chance to try these two products out. If you have any products that you use comment them below and I’ll check them out!





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  1. This is such a good post! I was diagnosed with depression last February and was put on medication, which was a massive help but I’ve decided to stop taking it and try it out on my own for a while. I think I’m doing alright. I still have days when I want to cry all the time and stay in bed or had an anxiety attack and have been looking for something to help me calm down that wasn’t medication. I didn’t know you could have used Essential Oils! Never thought of that. Never really looked into that either. Will have to give it a go! Thank you!

    Julia xx

    1. Hi! Really glad you found the post helpful! Essential oils are a wonderful distraction. I’ve recently been using peppermint oil as well. I apply it to my forehead and the tingling/ cooling sensation is very comforting and soothing.
      Jess x

  2. I love lavender oil!!! It works wonders for so much. I hadn’t heard of the rescue remedy but it sounds like a great idea and I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks so much for writing this great post. When it comes to mental health, I think that every little bit helps.

  3. Great post! I love using lavender oil. It really helps me clam down. Still really want to try the rescue remedy too.

    Feel free to check out my mental health blog at

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