Mental Health Morning Routine

Mental Health Morning Routine

Oh Mornings, they can be the most difficult times in the day. Especially if you struggle with your mental health. However, we can conqueror mornings and even make them something to look forward to with my mental health morning routine. I’m not going to tell you my morning routine is perfect, I don’t exercise everyday or get up at a good time but I do little things that help make everyday feel a little bit better and help me concentrate on my plans for the day. I’m currently not working due to my depression so my mornings tend to be very relaxed and I also tend to take my time. If you’re working and don’t have time for a relaxed morning routine then I would recommend trying this on a weekend or simplifying it for a working morning. 

Getting Up

Every morning I try to wake up somewhere between half 7 and 8 o’clock. Currently I’m not sleeping very well so if I’ve had a bad nights sleep I tend to get up an hour later. However, even though I’m not at work I still like to get up early so I can make the most out of my mornings. My counsellor told me that once you’re awake you should get up and get dressed as it doesn’t allow any time for your mind to wonder and think of anything negative. I’ve found this greatly improves my day and my mood.

Showering and Getting Dressed

I find that showering almost as soon as I get up greatly improves my concentration and ability to focus on whatever tasks I’ve presented myself with that day. Due to my depression, I struggle to get a full nights sleep and I’ve found if I shower on a morning it wakes me up a little bit more. I don’t shower every morning, sometimes I can’t find the energy to and that’s okay, but its one of them days where I feel a little bit brighter I do. If you like to exercise on a morning, fit this in before your shower. I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a little bit of exercise on a morning but I’ve never been one for exercise.

Getting dressed sounds so simple and easy right? Wrong. If you struggle with your mental health then your PJ’s become your best friend. I spent weeks where I lived in my PJ’s and I’d struggled to even remember what day it was. Now that I’m getting up and getting dressed everyday I’ve found I’m more likely to have a better day and feel a little bit brighter. I know how difficult it can feel to get dressed when all you want to do is climb back into bed but trust me when I say it really helps! Even if you put on some really comfy clothes at least you feel like you’ve made a little bit of an effort.

You don’t have to look like a style icon, hell when I get dressed my family tell me I look like I’ve escaped. However, its that feeling of being dressed and knowing you’ve made an effort that day.

Sometimes I even do a little bit of makeup!


If you asked me a few months ago what I specifically hated about mornings I would have said having breakfast. Why? I was experiencing a voice in my head that told me I didn’t deserve food and I would feel physically sick and unable to eat whenever I felt hungry. It was horrible, every meal time I would feel this way but it was always louder and more apparent in the mornings. If you experience something similar you may find this is the hardest step within this morning routine. I promise you it will get better. 

Every morning I make myself a cup of tea and sit in our living room with some music playing, scroll through my social media or ring my boyfriend Charlie. The distraction helps me forget about food and drowns out that little voice. Without realising, I will sit and eat my toast or breakfast biscuits and voila! I’ve had something to eat that morning without telling myself that I didn’t deserve it. This was a really difficult to achieve, I’m not going to lie it was hard but you can do it!

What I would recommend doing is slowly building it up. Get yourself a biscuit or something you enjoy and forget that it is there while you watch TV or go on your phone and hopefully you will eat it without realising. Overtime you will build it up so that you can have a full breakfast without any negative feelings. Breakfast is so important and it sets you up for the day so I know how incredibly difficult it is when you struggle to eat. Please try this if you also struggle and let me know how it goes.

Getting On With Your Day

After all of these steps you will feel more awake and focused, even if its just a little. I tend to grab my little notebook and write my ‘to do’ list for the day. I don’t write a huge to do list, maybe just a couple of things. Most of the time for me these are to do with either writing a blog post or making something with my sewing machine. I always have at least one thing I enjoy on my ‘to do’ list as I feel it makes the day more manageable and give me something to look forward to.

If you have quite a busy morning and would struggle to incorporate these into it, the two I would highly advise is making sure you get up when you wake up and having breakfast.

I hope this post has helped you and if it has please share with your friends. If you have anything you do on a morning that you think would be good to share, please comment below.

Jess – @walkwith_jess

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  1. This is exactly what I’m in need of. I’m in that place where I’m not as low as I used to be, but as I don’t work either I just kind of mill around in my pjs with an unmade face wondering what to do with myself until my husband gets home. Thank you for sharing your routine, it’s inspired me to try and give myself one ☺️

    1. Hi! I’m really happy that this post has inspired you! If you find anything different that helps you on a morning please let me know! Jess x

  2. These are great tips for those of us who wake up feeling foggy and unmotivated. I have found myself staying in my robe sometimes for hours (ok, ALL DAY) at times, realizing I haven’t eaten all morning, and haven’t focused on anything… then half the day is gone, and I get down on myself.

    I have found that opting for green tea over coffee seems to help clear my head better (and is less harsh on my stomach), and buttered toast is a wonderful comfort food for me. Or I just have some fruit. Keep it easy! Then also, showering definitely wakes me up more, and dressing gets me ready to face the day.

    On the journal, I use a simplified Bullet Journal style: write a bulleted list of things I want to get done that day, cross off each one as done, and anything leftover gets highlighted and moved to the next day (and no guilt!). If I have no agenda, I spend too much time flitting from one thing to the next and hardly accomplishing anything. Then I go to bed feeling like I wasted the day, which does not feel good.

    Thanks again for this helpful article, and for sharing your life with us!

  3. dear brave jess
    so sorry for your struggle. thanks for trying to help. I’ve had depression since age 12 when it wasn’t really recognised here in kids. I’m now 54 and my mornings are blighted because I don’t want to shower. I don’t know why. All my life I’ve had a bath or shower 1st thing in the morning and now the last year or so I hate it, I hate being wet, being COLD – think is the main thing, and I just want to stay in bed. Sometimes I go to work without showering and I know I’m not clean – not saying anyone but me would notice but it makes me feel worse. On days when I don’t work I might eventually manage to shower but its a big deal. I know it sounds stupid but I hate it. I always feel better after a shower but that doesn’t seem to make me able to do it. Depression is difficult and most people don’t know I struggle against it. My DH and DD are just bored from hearing me mention my struggles.
    Thanks for blogging
    May you thrive

    1. Hi Mary,

      You are very brave for sharing your struggles as well. I know how you feel in regards to showering. It’s such a simple task to everyone else but it takes so much energy out of us sufferers. If you ever want to talk I’m here.

      Thank you,
      Jess x

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