An Open Letter To My Depression

An Open Letter To My Depression

Dear Depression,

If I was to search for your name I would be presented with pages and pages of the pain you cause. The pages would tell me about how you will take over my life, consume me and make me feel like I’m loosing every part of me. But that’s what you want right? You want control and you need power. But what if I told you that really you’re just a contradiction of yourself.

You were and still are the worst thing I have faced in my life but you have also changed me for the better. Sounds stupid right? How could you have changed me for the better when you are the devil re-incarnated? Well, for one simple reason really.

I never want anyone else to feel like I have.

I think about what I’m going to say before I speak because I know how it feels to analyse every sentence, searching for any negativity. I smile at strangers because I understand what it’s like to feel alone. I tell people that everything will be okay because I know now that it will. I have and still am fighting your presence but I am getting better. I am having happier days and I am making the most of everyday. You keep trying to defeat me but I know now that I am stronger. Everyone is stronger than you.

You have made me search happiness instead of making me loose hope. 





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  1. Hi Jess
    Can’t leave your blog without a comment. I could feel your pain. I cannot share it with you nor reduce it, but you can know that people read this and wish they could do more.
    For you and others like you

  2. Hi Jess,

    I’m a big fan of your blog. Like you, I am also taking on depression
    and anxiety one at a time. It gives me great comfort knowing that
    someone understands how I feel. Reading this, I don’t feel like a
    freak anymore.

    In a third world country where mental illness is still a taboo subject
    and people with depression are judged as totally crazy, I have no choice
    but to hide in my secret closet. But this simple letter gives me strength.

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for commenting it shows how brave you truly are. I’m terribly sorry that you cannot be open about your mental health but I know that you are strong and can still fight it. Stay strong and if you ever need to talk I’m always here. Jess x

  3. Hi I am fighting depression on a daily basis. I have bouts of low mood which disables me .I wouldn’t wish this on anyone .I am a mental health wd your open lettet to depression enlightening .thankyou for sharing

  4. Hey Jess! One, it is so nice to meet you! Praying for your heart and that you are encouraged by even the smallest improvements or joy as they happen. I have been in those trenches before and battle that fear and sadness often. Smiling at strangers is super hard sometimes when we carry such a burden so that is a way sweet way to love others. Thank you so, so much for sharing such a part of your heart with us.

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