Change Your Life

Change Your Life

Sometimes the key to happiness is to change your life.

Before we leave school we are expected to know what we want to do in life. What if you don’t? What if you’re just winging it, waiting for an idea to hit you? Or what if you had a plan and at last minute you realise it’s no longer what you want?

I was the latter of those questions. I dreamed of being a doctor and started my A Levels aiming towards my goal. Maths, chemistry, biology and history. Two months later I dropped out because I knew it wasn’t for me. At this point I didn’t realise it was depression that was effecting me and influencing my decisions. I left without a plan, only a flicker of an idea that maybe I could be an apprentice in something. A few months later I scored a brilliant job as an accounts apprentice for an amazing company but I had to give it up for the sake of my mental health.

There are so many options in life and everyone tells you the key to those options are grades and the choices you make. That’s bollocks. Yes grades are important but they don’t define you. Your decisions are important but they can change in an instant. Your personality, opinions and hobbies are so much more important to people than your grades.

As you read above, I change my choices constantly, I’m struggling to hold down any sort of education or career and instead I’m trying to focus on being happy for the moment. I know I need to earn some money and I’m trying to take my hobbies (sewing) and make it into some sort of career that I will enjoy.

Changing your life is difficult but this world is so much more than education and jobs. It’s so much more than stressful careers and people opinions on you. Life is enjoying yourself. Life is about being happy even if you aren’t living the high life. And life is about appreciating every day and all the people around you. If you are not happy change your situation or your perspective. I’m trying to change mine and I’ll tell you I’m broke but I know my happiness and mental health needs to be put first.

My advice to you would be to take a moment, breathe and think… What will make me happy?

Jess | @walkwith_jess

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m currently failing and planning to drop out of uni after spending so long trying to make things work and in the end I realised what I was fighting for didn’t even make me happy. I spent 5 years trying to pass but the more I though about dropping out, the more relieved I felt. It was 5 years of hell. Reading this post makes me feel better about my decisions and prioritising my mental health.

    1. Hello, I’m really glad you have found this post helpful. We have to put our mental health first even if it is a hard decision. I hope everything works out for you😊

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