Three Dark Crowns Book Review

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Bonjour reader, if you have been keeping an eye on my blog recently, you will have noticed I have now added links in my side bar to buy my current most favourite books. I thought this would be a brilliant way to involve you all into my life. These books will change regularly so keep any eye out.

So anyway back to the review of the book that has both made and destroyed my life (in the best way possible!).

Three Dark Crowns Book Review


Three Black Witches are born in a glen,
sweet little triplets
will never be friends.
Three Black Witches, all fair to be seen
two to devour
and one to be queen


Right, I’m going to start this by saying I finished this book in 2 days! It could have been one but I was a busy girl who had lots of appointments. Now I am a big reader, I have read hundreds and hundreds of books but I have honestly never come across a book so wonderfully enticing.

This book is written by Kendare Blake who is now my favourite author of all time. I may sound like I’m being excessive but I personally think I’m underselling this book. If any of you uttered the words ‘Three Dark Crowns’ my boyfriend would probably tell you to shut up because I didn’t stop talking about it…and I still haven’t!

I am going to try to calm my excitement to actually tell you about ‘Three Dark Crowns’ and this beautifully dark world Kendare Blake has created. Three Dark Crowns is set on the fantasy island of Fennbird where there are a set of royal triplets born every generation. However, these triplets are raised as rivals and when they turn 16 they must kill each other until only one remains who will be crowned queen. The three queens are raised separately, each possessing a power they are taught to master and control. Poisoner, elemental and naturalist.

Katherine is a poisoner which means so can ingest the most dangerous poisons and create her own deadly concoctions. Mirabella is an elemental who can craft the most violent of storms. Finally, Arsinoe is a naturalist, who can makes roses flower beautifully and control the fiercest of wild animals.

Three Dark Crowns is the perfect novel to loose yourself in. Kendare Blake has a style of writing that will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. The slow build in the start of the novel helps the reader understand this unique world and the characteristics of the three queens. While getting to know the three queens throughout the novel, you become torn between who to you believe should win.

Overall, I have fallen in love with this book. The world, the characters and more importantly…the fact there’s another book!! The squeal to Three Dark Crowns is One Dark Throne which is to be released in the UK towards the end of September. Believe me, you will buy One Dark Throne as soon as you have finished Three Dark Crowns. The ending is so full or drama and plot twists that you will have to buy the second book right there and then. I’ve got my copy pre-ordered…have you?!

If this Three Dark Crowns book review has made you want to read this mind-blowing novel, it is currently on offer on amazon. I will link ‘Three Dark Crowns’ below and the squeal ‘One Dark Throne‘ so you can easily purchase this wonderful book.

I hope you found this review useful. If you have already read this amazing book please comment your thoughts below! I would also recommend checking out the rest of Kendare Blake’s books as I have heard nothing but amazing things about them!

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