101 Ways To Live Well Mental Health Book

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 101 Ways to Live Well Mental Health Book


Be a calmer, more productive, healthier you, without sacrificing hours in the process. Discover the secret wellness hacks you can incorporate into your regular routine – whether it’s a 5-minute focus exercise on your commute, 10 minutes’ mindfulness at lunchtime, or balanced nutrition ideas for your next trip abroad.


One day, I was walking through the main shopping street in my town when I came across a little store that sold cute little knickknacks. It was a fairly new shop and I thought their may be something for my little cousin to buy. Having always had a love for books I went straight for the little book shelf in the corner where I spotted ‘101 ways to live well’.

I have never bought a self help book in my life but this book was calling to me. This had been my first trip into town in months and I ‘happened’ to come across this book. Coincidence? I think not. So, fate lead me to this book and I couldn’t be more grateful. I bought it without hesitation and I would honestly recommend it to anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression.

Why I Love 101 Ways to Live Well

101 Ways to Live Well’ isn’t like your typical self help books. See, I can sit and read fictional books but I cannot sit down and be lectured on my life. However, this book is the opposite. The contents page features five topics. The tips are then organised throughout the book under these topic headings. Home, work, play, relationships and travel. I’ve found this so useful because if I’ve thought ‘okay, so I have this problem’ and its been so easy to look under the right topic to find some tips. It is also useful if you’re going on a holiday and just want to read some general tips in case anything was to go wrong.

The pictures above are pages from ‘101 Ways to Live Well’. It is such an easy book to navigate and isn’t straining to read. Instead of reading a book that’s telling you to suck it up and smile, ‘101 Ways to Live Well’ is genuinely informative. All the tips it includes are explained so you understand why they work and how they’ll help you.


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