Eden Finery – Handmade & Upcycled Clothes

Ladies and Gentleman, I have started a new project.
Drum roll please…

Eden Finery. Handmade | Upcycled Clothes

So, if you have read my post on my handmade vintage skirts, you will know that I love sewing. Well, I have decided to expand on that project and open up my own little Ebay shop, Eden Finery.

Eden Finery is a clothing shop selling both handmade and upcycled clothing. Unique clothing just for you! All upcycled clothing is recycled which means Eden Finery is sustainable as well as unique! Most pieces, if not all, will be the only one of its kind available so make sure you keep an eye on your favourites!

So I’ve set up some social media for ‘Eden Finery’ and would love if you could follow me and share some of the posts and help me get this project going.

Ebay – Eden Finery

Twitter – @edenfinery

Facebook – Unique Eden Finery

I know this is only a short post and nothing to do with mental health but I wanted to share this project with you all and hopefully start marking some money from my passions. I will do another, proper post soon, I promise.

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