Mental Health Night Routine

Mental Health Night Routine

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If you spend everyday battling mental illness and feeling exhausted, then this post is for you. Your mental health deserves as much care and thought as your physical health. When I have had a very tiring day, I always have my mental health night routine to fall back on.

So, kick back, relax and get your pampering mood on. You’re about to de-stress and do some serious self care. Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to yourself.

Bath Time!

Not everyone is a bath person. I am and I find it a huge part of my mental health night routine. Being surrounded by hot water, bubbles and having some light music in the background really relaxes me. Everyone is different but if you’re a bath person, keep reading.

So, you’ve had the most mentally tiring day ever. You’re exhausted, you’re stressed out and fed up of everything. First step, run yourself a night hot bath. Add some night bubble bath. I would suggest either some lush products (I love lush) or some radox like this one here. It promotes stress relief so it would be perfect for those mentally tiring days. If I don’t have any bubble bath I add a few drops of both lavender oil and peppermint oil. It is incredibly calming and smells amazing. I use tisserand essential oils as they are organic and smell so nice!

Don’t rush your bath, spend a long time relaxing in the water.

Comfy Clothing

Who doesn’t love comfy clothing? If you’re anything like me you could spend all day in PJ’s or soft comfy jumpers. I am a devil for stealing my boyfriends jumpers and wearing them constantly. Once I get out of the bath, I dress myself in the comfiest clothes I can find. Joggers, jumpers, Pj’s and fluffy socks (they’re a must have).

Get yourself all cosy and wrap a soft cover around you. Sit somewhere you are comfortable, whether it is in bed or with your family or friends. I tend to sit in my bed in the duvet cover with a cup of tea. I would recommend any hot drink. If you like hot chocolate get yourself a hot chocolate!!

Calming Music

Music makes the world spin around. My whole life revolves around songs. When I have had a stressful day part of my mental health night routine includes listening to calming, relaxing music. I listen to music which has a very soft instrumental background from the moment I run my bath, right until the next part of my mental health night routine, watching my favourite films. I have a calm down playlist post here that was written awhile ago but currently I mostly listen to The Lumineres, Monford and Sons and Monsters of Men. I find the back ground music incredibly relaxing and it helps me de-stress after a difficult day.

Favourite Film


This is most defiantly my favourite part of my mental health night routine. I am a sucked for Disney films especially the classic princess films so when I have had an especially bad day these are what I watch. My favourite film is by far Tangled. Its a very feel good film that you can just loose yourself. I will list some more amazing feel good films I tend to watch to uplift my mood.

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  1. Your blog is literally a life saver. Its exactly what I’ve needed! I get a huge help out of every post. Thank you so much for sharing all of this!

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