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Online doctors are a fairly new thing which have come out throughout the past few years through app on your phone and computer. The whole concept behind an online doctor is saving you the chore of having to walk or drive to your local GP to get your prescription or to get an appointment. Many of us work full time and due to the hours we work, it is impossible to get home from work and reach the doctors surgery before it closes for the day. Instead we have to take time out of work to make these trips. It can cost us money in our wages, time and it can be a lot of hassle for a simple answer to a question. With an online doctor you don’t even have to leave your bed and you can have a full appointment with a qualified GP.

No Location Boundaries

One of the greatest benefits of an Online Dr App is the fact that you don’t have to fight through traffic, wait for the bus or walk to the surgery. You have a doctor in your pocket, and this is much more convenient for any of us. It will also mean that rather than taking the morning off work to go to an appointment, you can ask if you can step out of the room for 10 minutes instead, or even just do it on your lunch break.


No More Self-Diagnoses

Because a lot of us are lazy, rather than visiting a doctor to find out what’s causing our symptoms, many of us turn to google to look up our symptoms. You’ve probably all heard of the stories of saying you have a headache and Google telling you that you have a brain tumour. It’s not a good way to diagnose an illness and it can cause unnecessary stress. Instead of that, just use an app to talk to a doctor. It will involve the same amount of effort but this time you will get a qualified opinion on your illness.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The beauty about using an online GP rather than going to your local surgery is that it is actually cheaper. Most online doctors will accept your health insurance when you sign up so it will allow you to have as many doctors visits as you need for free. If you don’t have health insurance, they can still offer a cheaper option for you than visiting your doctor at the surgery. The average doctors appointment can cost $120, but if you go online, you could only be paying between $40 – $100.

Easy Prescriptions

If you have ever been on a repeat prescription or medication for an illness, you will know the irritation of having to take the time out of your working day to visit the chemist to pick up your medicine, and then having to visit the doctor to arrange your prescriptions. Rather than making all that fuss, if you use an online service they will prescribe you medicine there and then, and you can choose a chemist they can send it to, so all you need to do is pick it up when you are ready to.


Another major benefit of visiting an online doctor is that each online service heavily checked out their doctors before hiring them. You will also have total protection over anything you say in your appointment and your medical history is kept secure in their server.

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