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When you’ve been in education so long, life outside of it can be a little scary and intimidating. You’ll have in a way, been babied through the years, even when you’re at university. You don’t realise what the big wide world is actually like. So when you are ready to leave, or if you have just left, you need to be prepared for some of the harsh truths out there. Even if you’ve gone and got a degree, life isn’t going to be a breeze like you would want it to be. So to make it a little easier for you, we’ve outlined some of the ways in which you can get through life after education.


You will have learnt the harsh realities of money issues when you were doing your degree. It is commonly known that students spend their years scraping by on the bare minimum. But when you leave education and get your first job, however long it might take, you’re going to be hit with a lot of money, and when you do it is so easy to get carried away with. You need to learn a new level of self control and money management. You want to try and build up as many savings as possible whilst you’re still young. You also need to think of things you can cut back on in order to save money. For example, your student finance is going to be something that will cause you a bit of stress with the repayments keep coming in. But to reduce it, you could go through companies such as to reduce the repayments. Some companies just charge ridiculous rates, there might be a much better one out there for you. Whilst it is good to be sensible with your money, you do also need to make sure you’re going out and enjoying yourself. The world has so much to offer that you will not have seen. Do some travelling and get everything you want to do out of your system before you settle down.


Getting a job, and settling into life in a normal job is going to be so strange for you, especially if you’ve been in education right from preschool. The harsh reality is, working is hard, and it can get boring. So making sure you’re in the right career for you, one that you’re going to enjoy no matter what is so important. You need to be able to jump out of bed and have a passion for your role. But actually getting a job isn’t always plain sailing either. Yes, you might have a degree, but employers like experience as well. A good idea to get to your dream job might be to start by volunteering. Go part time somewhere else to bring in money, and volunteer within a role you really want to do. It’ll make you so much more appealing to employers. When you do get your job, be prepared for it to take a while for you to settle in. Not all workplaces are the best to work in, so you’ll often need to find your feet and your place within your role.

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