Moving out this year? Here’s what to do! – Collaborative post 

If you’re moving out this year then you’re most likely feeling a mixture of emotions right now. Happiness that your new found freedom is nearly upon you. Sadness that you’re leaving the family life you’re so used to in your home behind. But most of all, you’re going to be feeling pretty damn stressed. When you’re going it alone there is just so many different things to think about. So to help make it easier for you, we’ve put together a few things that you need to make sure you do the move as smoothly as possible.

Money Situation

Your money situation beforehand plays a big part in how successful your move actually is. Before you even think about applying for a mortgage or seeing what is available for you to rent, you need to think about how your money situation is at the moment. It is all well and good if you’ve got some savings behind you, but that isn’t all that matters. When applying for a mortgage the banks and lenders are going to be looking at your income history, and most of all your credit score. A bad credit score will stop you dead in your moving out tracks. So even though you might think you’ve been good with money, it doesn’t mean your score is good. There are a few ways of building it up, one being through a credit card. You can get credit cards to rebuild credit pretty easily, but it might be a bit of a long process to get it to the level you’re needing it to be at. But if you do have some savings already, you’re ahead of the game. At least you have something to fall back on when it does come to moving out. You can use it the furnish the new house and prepare for any of the first moving bills that you’re going to have to pay for.

Property Hunting

Once you’ve got the money sorted, you can move onto the fun part of moving out. You need to have a clear idea of what you actually want when it comes to your first property. If you’re buying rather than renting, this is even more important. You’re spending a lot of money, so you want it to be really perfect to you. Make sure you’re going to plenty of viewings, and don’t just settle for the first one you see, no matter how much you fall in love with it. Just like most things in life, there’s something better out there. Make sure you’re moving to the right area as well. You want to make sure there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. When it comes to actually buying, try and get the price of the property down as much as you can. A bit of haggling never hurt anybody, and it may save you a fair bit when it comes to your monthly payments. Always make sure you aren’t being overcharged with the solicitor fees as well!

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