Things That Could Be Affecting Your Mental Health Without You Realizing – Collaborative Post

For many people, ill mental health creeps up on them, and it becomes difficult to trace back to the negative source. If you have suffered from ill mental health in the past, you may have spent months using self-therapy, or talking to a professional to work out the things that were a catalyst for your depression and anxiety. There are many factors that can contribute to an absence in serotonin, and this is by no means an exhaustive list; however, they are a few things that could help to release that heavy feeling in your chest and help your mind to be a little bit kinder to yourself.

Vitamin D
Known as the “happy vitamin,” it may be quite self-explanatory why this needed to be top of the list. With the constant pressure of a consumerist lifestyle surrounding us, many workaholics will take on a constant stream of overtime, and work through their lunch breaks. Though this may be good for your progression within work, and potentially your bank balance, it is incredibly bad for your vitamin D levels. Not only can getting outside for a bit of fresh air help you to feel less stressed, but also a little bit of sunshine could be exactly what you need to combat the low feeling that you may be carrying around on your shoulders. Vitamin D helps to boost levels of serotonin – the chemical that becomes low or absent when you are suffering from depression and anxiety. Even if you are able to get outside daily, it is still unlikely you will be receiving your guided daily amount, so you may want to consider supplementing vitamin D to avoid both a deficiency and a dive in your (extremely important) serotonin levels.

Unhealthy Habits
If you are someone that is constantly staying up through the night, binging through a packet of Oreos most days, and rarely raising your heartbeat with a bit of exercise – then you could have many factors working against your mental health. This can become a vicious circle, as many of the recommended lifestyle choices that can help to improve ill mental health can be extremely hard to bring yourself to do if you are currently suffering from anxiety and depression. If any of what you’ve previously read rings true for you, it may be time to write down a daily routine tick list. Many therapists use this technique to introduce the fundamental principle of taking care of yourself back into a daily routine. Something that depression and anxiety commonly strip you off due to the common accompanying feelings of worthlessness, and extreme fatigue. Writing down a list of actions that you must perform both day and night will help you to gain back some routine in your life. For example: “This morning I must get up, have a shower, brush my teeth and eat some breakfast”. “Tonight I must be in bed by 10pm, turn off my electronics, and read a book”. This may seem extremely simple and overkill, however, if you have suffered from severe ill mental health you may already know how helpful and effective this system can be.

Money Stresses
If you are someone who constantly finds yourself staying up all night, endlessly searching for “personal loans no credit check” on google, and getting anxious every time a bill falls through the door – it is time to re-evaluate your budget system and financial situation. It may feel you with dread, but this advice comes with a promise that you will feel better once your money struggles have been dealt with. Reducing some of your monthly bills by having a meter or changing utility providers, cutting down your monthly food shop by making lists and setting a cost limit, and budgeting every month for disposable income and savings will help to stop that end of the month struggle. There are plenty of ways you can cut back, and so many resources that can help you. If you have been struggling for a while, it is time to get some help, and not allow stresses under your control to affect your mental health any longer.

If you are currently affected by ill mental health or anything you have read in this post, you can talk to someone by calling The Samaritans hotline. Making a few of the changes that are listed above, and seeking help is always admirable and will set you on a healing path, which could significantly change your life for the better.

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